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The Rules! (edited to add request list)


This is my (dreadnot) icon journal. I'll keep the icon spam to a minimum in my own journal from now on.

Anything posted in this journal is free for you to use with the exception of the icons I use to post with. Most of those are personal and not up for grabs.

If you do use any of my icons, I'd appreciate a comment here and credit to either dreadnot or dreadful_icons in the comment or keyword section of your user picture page. However, that is not mandatory.

What is mandatory is this: If you use an icon that I give credit to a particular artist for, you must credit the artist in your comments or keywords.

Other than that, have fun. I've tried to be fairly comprehensive when tagging the entries, so you should be able to find specific fandoms, characters or pairings. (Provided I've made icons for them, of course.)

Find the comprehensive tag list here.

I am taking graphic requests at this time. If there's an icon or other graphic you would like, leave a message on this thread. I cannot guarantee turnaround time (especially during the weeks of January 9 and 16 because my computer will be in Dell's evil hands.) If your request is time sensitive, let me know in your post and I'll respond within 24 hours to let you know if I can meet your time needs or not.

Additionally, if you want an icon or other graphic for a fandom I don't actively participate in (Preacher, Transmetropolitan, and Hellsing) then you must provide me with a link or email me the image you want to use.

simple hit counter

First icons here in a while

First, OVA III icons. Just a few, although I took an obscene number of caps from such a short bit of animation. I'll be working on static icons later, after I finish the all-day pain in the ass of reformatting my other computer - the one that does Photoshop without wheezing in pain.

I have young!Dark Walter icons that I need to post after I get my act together, too.

5 x Pip
2 x Alhambra
1 x Alucard

1. 2. 3.
Four more here, R-rated language behind the cutCollapse )
19 icons total

I have no idea why I had to have the cuteness, but I think it's out of my system. More Preacher icons as the reading moves forward.

Evil Snowman, Jesse, Cass, Saint of Killers, Genesis' Parents, Seriously Obscene CutenessCollapse )


Glasses fetish colorbar. <3
Crossposted to hellsing

Where the hell did I put my glasses?Collapse )

Hellsing - Pip, Seras, Alucard

I was poking around at Your Pleasure and came across some images that I just really thought were fun. stelala has been great about allowing use of her scans for icons.

Any and all color is my work.

2 Alucards hereCollapse )

OVA icons

This batch includes one for Seras, one for Alucard, and an animated one for Rip behind the cut.

Three more hereCollapse )

Crazy Arthur Hellsing

And credit where credit is due, to winkinblinkin for the tag line. <3

And another

The original transmet icons

11 Boxed 18 Dreamy 16 White Space
11 Boxed

18 Dreamy

16 White Space

The Original Transmet UploadCollapse )

Welcome to my icon journal

I'm posting so bloody many icons, I decided to just go ahead and make an icon journal. For now, at least, the icons will probably be all Hellsing and Transmetropolitan, but I do make a few non-fandom ones, and at some point I'll probably take requests.

Until then, here are a few to start with: